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Product description
The wireless Bluetooth controller for the
Production Description:
Kabi(2017 New)Wireless Bluetooth Controller 6-AXIS Game Pad Double Shock Gampad,which connects directly to your PlayStation 3 via direct Bluetooth without any attachments.This function eliminates lags and delays.NO dongle required.Hours of comfortable game playing with ergonomically designed grips.Motion sensors make 6-Axis enabled games unbelievably realistic and exciting.With the high-capacity Lithium batteries,you can play for a long time.According to the Dual-Vibration motors,you feel the rush and excitement from the games.
How to turn on/off
The controller will start when you press the round button or connect with computer by date cable.It will turn off when it takes 5 minutes after it is disconnected. If it can not stop working after a long time, please plug the data cable in computer then pull it out, thus it will be power off.
How to connect wirelessly
1. Connect to console with cable(USB mini) while the controller is off, charge for 10 minutes, press and hold HOME button (red round button) for 3 seconds until only 1 indicator works.
2. Then disconnect the cable, wait for one or two minutes. It will pair Bluetooth automatically with the console (The 4 indicators will stop blinking, instead only 1 indicator remains bright, meaning it is connected already).
3. If the initial sync fails, put a needle (pin or paper clip) into the mini hole at the back of the controller and press the button to reset it.
If your controller can’t be charged normally, please reset it first. There is a small hole on the back of the controller, you can press it with a small pin.


  • Special Skin Special Feeling: The holding part of controller shell use a unique stripes so that it’s easier to grip.High sensitivity key feedback design let you have comfortable gaming experience.
  • Support 6-Axis: Highly sensitive motion control systerm senses your every move and characters as well as objects in the game will move and react as you tilt,push and shake the controller.Truly intuitive game play through the motion sensing 6-Axis technology.
  • Built-in Double Vibration: The two electric motors make the game more realistic,which in the controllers vibrates when skidding or being shot at making playing exciting and thrilling.Feel every hit,crash,and explosion with hand-vibrating double vibration’s response.
  • Direct Bluetooth connection (no dongle required): There is a difference between Direct Bluetooth and most regular Bluetooth controllers.While other controllers comes with a dongle which you need to plug into your PS3 console this controller connects directly without any dongles via Bluetooth to your console.This eliminates any lags and delays.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery: Built in high-capacity lithium battery.USB cable charging.15mins auto sleep function.


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