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Product DescriptionCalculated Industries Qualifier Plus IIIFX # 3430


calculated 3430

Calculate multiple cash flows and
internal rate of return (view larger).

Qualify home buyers right on the spot with the versatile, easy-to-use Qualifier Plus IIIFX real estate finance calculator (model 3430) from Calculated Industries. Perfect for all real estate finance professionals, including agents, brokers, bankers, mortgage originators, title officers, trainers, and more. The Qualifier Plus IIIx helps you pre-qualify clients quickly and easily, solve real estate finance problems instantly, and close home sales quickly.

In addition to both common and advanced real estate finance problems, it calculates multiple cash flows and internal rate of return (IRR), as well as net present and net future values (NPV/NFV).

Gain instant access to PITI and interest only payments, or figure out the blended rate and payment for combo loans. Complete taxes, insurance, and mortgage insurance for true PITI payments, figure amortization and balloon payments, and simplify complex ARMs including lifetime cap. Other features include bi-weekly and monthly loan comparisons, automatic sales price and down payment calculations, and completion of taxes, insurance, and mortgage insurance for true PITI payments. It also offers a built-in date-math function for closing and expiration dates, triple zero key that saves time and keystrokes.

It’s powered by two LR44 batteries, which provide up to 1,000 hours of battery life, and the Qualifier Plus IIIFX has an auto shut-off feature that turns the calculator off after about 8 to 12 minutes of non-use. It’s backed by a one-year limited warranty.

What’s in the Box

Calculated Industries 3430 Qualifier Plus IIIFX real estate finance calculator; protective slide cover; quick reference guide; pocket user’s guide; batteries

At a Glance
3430 Qualifier Plus IIIFX Finance Calculator
At a Glance:
  • Calculates multiple cash flows and internal rate of return (IRR) plus net present and net future values (NPV/NFV)
  • Pre-qualify home buyers quickly and easily
  • Complete payment solutions included PITI and interest only
  • Powered by two LR44 batteries
  • One-year limited warranty
At a Glance


  • Versatile Buyer Pre-Qualifying for Conventional and FHA/VA Loans to Show Homes Within an Affordable Price Range
  • Perfect for Investors and Commercial Lenders Provides Commercial Investment Solutions for Clients Without Complicated Formulas
  • Complete Payment Solutions, Including PITI and Interest-Only to Demonstrate “What If” Solutions
  • Calculate Combo Loans (80:10:10 and 80:15:05), Bi-Weekly Loans, ARMs provide Client withFlexible Payment Options
  • Easy Rent vs. Buy Comparisons and Estimated Tax Savings Show Benefits of Homeownership


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