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The ProjectCalc Classic is designed for home decorators, do-it-yourselfers, fixer-uppers or anyone that wants to quickly and accurately determine project materials and costs – without doing complicated conversions.

WORKS IN MOST-USED DIMENSIONAL FORMATS – no need to convert dimensions before entering them! The ProjectCalc Classic accepts nearly any common measuring units and will save you time and effort when solving home project dimensional problems. You can work in and convert between decimal feet (10ths, 100ths), decimal inch (10ths, 100ths), feet-inches, inches and fractions, yards and even meters.

BUILT-IN MATERIAL KEYS – lets you quickly and easily solve how much you need of these common building and decorating materials – Wallpaper (European double rolls), Paint (gallons, quarts, pints), Tile (11 standard sizes).

BUY ONLY AS MUCH AS YOU NEED – Never again buy too little or too much project materials! Save time, reduce calculation errors and frustrating return trips to the homecenter.

NOT JUST FOR DIY WORK – Makers and hobbyists in many different pursuits such as woodworking, crafting, stained glass, picture framing, sewing and quilting will all appreciate being able to work in the most convenient dimensional units, straight from their tape measures or rulers – with no complex and error-prone converting required!

COMES COMPLETE – Also works as a regular math calculator with percent, pi, square-root, x-squared and memory. It includes an easy to follow User’s Guide, long-life CR1620 battery installed, protective hard case door and a 1-year Warranty.

Complete all your home improvement projects with precision and confidence. Click Add to Cart to get your ProjectCalc Classic today!

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  • Dedicated DIY functions help you quickly estimate project material amounts and costs for paint, wallpaper and tile
  • Simplifies confusing dimensional math – lets you work in and convert between feet, inches, feet-inch-fractions, yards or meters
  • Solves square foot areas – fixing up walls, floors or ceilings? multiply length and width values from your tape measure for easy area answers
  • Solves cubic volumes too – pouring concrete slabs or calculating fill for your garden boxes is a snap; just multiply length x width x depth
  • Comes complete – works as a standard math Calculator, includes long-life CR1620 battery, auto-shutoff, easy to follow user guide and 1-year warranty


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