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Splaks Electronic Calculator Instruction

Adds the number shown on the display to the number stored in the memory
Example:3*8 + 2*6. If you directly inputs these numbers to the calculator,you will see the wrong answer: 156.
If you press [3*8], [M+], [2*6], [M+], then press [MRC] once, you will get the right answer: 36.

Subtracts the number shown on the display to the number stored in the memory.

Combination of [MR] and [MC].
[MR]: Recall the current memory register value.
[MC]: Clear the memory register (set to zero).
When you press the key once, the [MR] key was activated, when you press the key twice, the [MC] was activated.

Whenever the [=] key has been pressed, the result will be stored into the Grand Total Memory.
Example:If you want to calculate [2*3+3*5+6*8],press [2*3=], then [3*5=], then [6*8=]. Then press [GT], you will get the right answer [69]

Stands for Mark Up, which is for calculating GROSS PROFIT MARGIN (GPM).
Example: Enter [100] then press the [÷], then [15] then press the [MU] key, you will see 117.65 (15% of this total equates to 17.65)

[Constant Calculations]
To Calculate[5 * 5 * 5 * 5 + 2 + 2 = 629]. You Press[5 * === + 2 == ].
You will see [629]
Note: If you have any question about the calculator, please contact us directly


  • Dual Power supply by Solar or 1 AA Battery
  • Automatically Power off, save more energy (ON/OFF button)
  • Large non-stick plastic button, new material, more durable
  • Large eye-angled, upright display,Easy-To-Read
  • Standard functional key: Profit margin %, +/-, Key Rollover


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